6 Passenger Black Lincoln Navigator L

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6 Passenger Black Lincoln Navigator L

The 6 Passenger Black Lincoln Navigator L is offers the luxury and efficiency to the business and corporate traveler. The Lincoln Navigator seats up to 6 passengers making it the ideal vehicle for your business trip, night on the town, or wherever your destination may be. Experience the true comfort the Lincoln Navigator L has to offer with spacious leather seating and extended leg room. This vehicle is the perfect choice for those passengers looking for luxury and comfort. The Lincoln Navigator offers a premium sound system, navigation, amply rear cargo storage and also complimentary bottle waters.

Rates & Pricing
Transfer Rates
Starting at $80.00
Hourly Rates
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $80.00
Friday – Sunday
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $80.00
Hours Discount
4.1 – 6.0 10%
6.1 – 9.9 15%
10+ 20%

Prices above do not include driver gratuity, service trans. fee, and fuel.
Additional charges may apply for pickups outside of Charlotte city limits.
Rates subject to change based on special events such as Prom, NYE, etc.

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