In the world of the executive chauffeured transportation industry, the future has arrived – The Lincoln MKT Town Car. The Lincoln MKT is a large crossover vehicle that seats up to six passengers. New to the Lincoln lineup, it offers unparalelled luxury. Other comfort and convenience features ladled on the MKT include a large, standard, fixed-panel sunroof; dual-zone climate control; the Bluetooth-and-voice-controlled SYNC system. The Lincoln MKT Town Car now sports a car/SUV hybrid design to ease entry to- and exit from- the vehicle. The new design and moon roof also make for a more open feel than the previous Town Car. Increased back-seat legroom, rear seats that recline, rear window sun shades, and new controls that allow the passenger access to vehicle controls all make for an improved riding experience. Have an electronic device or two that need charging? No problem. The MKT Town Car boasts a 12 volt outlet, a 110 Volt inverter, and a USB port. Add to this a redesigned trunk space that allows for expanded storage capacity and a 300 horsepower engine and the MKT is sure to have people talking.

We all know that accidents happen, but Lincoln is doing its best to help chauffeurs prevent them. Without a doubt, one of the most notable areas of improvement is the vehicle’s numerous safety features. The lane departure warning and blind-spot detection systems aid safety on the roads, while the Cross-Traffic Alert system is perfect for traffic detection in parking lots and at intersections. The MKT is also equipped with a rear-view camera that alerts the chauffeur to unforeseen objects when reversing. As we say goodbye to the Town Car Sedan that has served thousands of executives across the country, the Lincoln MKT Town Car promises to be a significant improvement for both chauffeurs and passengers.

Rates & Pricing
Transfer Rates
Starting at $55.00
Hourly Rates
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $55.00
Friday – Sunday
Minimum Hours Hourly Rate
1 $55.00
Hours Discount
4.1 – 6.0 10%
6.1 – 9.9 15%
10+ 20%

Prices above do not include driver gratuity, service trans. fee, and fuel.
Additional charges may apply for pickups outside of Charlotte city limits.
Rates subject to change based on special events such as Prom, NYE, etc.